Leaving all that he had in Bhiwani, Harayana in early 1947, he came all by himself to explore Bombay and to start something on his own. Coming from a joint family that had more than 25 members living in a house and running a Ration Store, which catered to all of Bhiwani, he came to the city that was full opportunities to try his luck.

Being experienced in owning and managing a ration store, he started off with trading Pulses & Katha. Within few days he added Indian spices to his list of trading. Looking for a better and bigger business, while opening his office in Kalbadevi & Cotton Green Area under the name Baijnath Melaram, he entered into trading of chemical products, within the same year. As soon as business was good within a couple of years, Shri Baijnathji called all his relatives to establish themselves in Bombay.

Belonging from a well known family in Bhiwani, northern part of India, and having a good name in the market, attracted a lot of family members and known business men looking to buy Iron and steel products through him in Mumbai. In the early 1950’s, Shri Baijnathji, started purchasing steel products from railways and acted as commission agents for buyers from Mandi Gobindgarh. He used to actively participate in railway auctions for engines and wagons in the late 1950’s. To store all the material, a yard was purchased at Rayroad, Darukhana. He participated in several recycling contracts for railways as well as ships, on partnership basis with other companies. His first Experience in ship recycling was in early 1960’s under a JV partnership with another company. In the year 1972, he bought Baijnath Melaram’s first vessel. He was a Proud Icon in the Marwadi community as well as the Iron and Steel Fraternity. Before his demise in 1975, he had paved way for his future generations to come.


Born in the year 1930, Shri Melaramji Agarwal was the youngest of all the siblings. He got into business at a very early age of 17 years, to support his father and family. Being workaholic was in the blood and therefore, he took control of the business very quickly. With his help the company as able to take part in several auctions for dismantling locomotives and ships. He was a kind hearted person and a socialite. His father, Shri Baijnathji, and him, took all business decisions together.

Not only was he a part of sowing the seeds of Baijnath Melaram in the 1950’s, he had been a part of the exponential growth it has had in the past 6 decades.

Shri Melaramji has been with the company for the longest time, he gave more than 65 years of his life in building a reputation of what the company carries now. He has seen all the ups and downs of a business family and after Shri Baijnathji passed away, he led the entire family under his leadership.

He had incredible entrepreneurial skills as he, very quickly, got into different businesses and would not shy away from risking money on something that he believes in. Eventually he was able to decide on a particular business that he thought would pan out to be a long- term business and stuck to it. He started his business endeavours with trading in Steel products and becoming approved & registered agents in SAIL and TATA. Soon after, he partnered with several other family run businesses to demolish locomotive engines as well as ships. In 1973, setup a rolling mill to cater to the iron and steel industry needs. He initiated the Ship recycling business in Mumbai as well as in Alang. Baijnath Melaram was only the fourth company to beach a vessel in Alang.

Ship recycling became the main business for Baijnath Melaram and Shri Melaramji saw it grow till the age of 87. He passed away in Mumbai, India alongside his entire family. He will always remain an idol for his grandchildren.