In 60 years, we have grown, developed, and evolved into a Sustainable Green Ship Recycling Facility with a multitude of disciplines in Productivity, Safe Working, and Sustainability. Being one of the oldest Ship Recycling Company in India, we have managed to recycle more than 325 vessels, and 1.8 Million Light Tons of material. Today, run by the 4th generation family members, constant improvements are made to achieve productive efficiency without harming the environment

In these years, we have recycled many different vessels and have vast knowledge in all of them. To name a few types of vessels, we have demolished Destroyers, Minesweepers, Navy Frigates, Navigational Research Vessel, Submarines, Cable Layers, apart from all the other regular vessels.

Since Baijnath Melaram was founded in the year 1955, we have altered the company’s recycling process in response to the changes required by the government as well as the world at large. The company has already achieved ClassNK EU SRR Certificate of Compliance (COC) & HKC Statement of Compliance (SOC). Furthermore, ISO Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, and ISO 30000) have been provided by Indian Registry of Shipping (IR CLASS). To differentiate ourselves from all the other ship recycling facilities in Alang, we have installed an Off-Shore Crane with a capacity of 150 Metric Tons, in the middle of the sea. This enables us to lift any part of the vessel directly from the ship to the Impermeable Floor without dropping any blocks in the Intertidal Zone. Baijnath Melaram is the only company to have installed a crane that can reach the Aft of any vessel.

heavy duty crane
3 heavy duty cranes with a capacity of up to 40 tons.
light duty crane
1 light duty crane with a capacity of up to 20 tons.
JCB Liftfall
1 JCB Liftall for loading of material – 10 tons capacity.
JCB Backhoe
1 JCB Backhoe Loaders for cleaning the plot and for other developments.
Beach Cleaning
1 Beach Cleaning Device for maintenance of Ship Recycling Yard
Magnetic Excavator
1 Magnetic Excavator (JCB) – Capacity 5 tons – An Innovative initiative only one in Alang
1 excavator for removal of material from Engine room – Increases Safety and Efficiency
Water Tank
4 emergency water tanks on field – with a total capacity of around 150,000 litters
Emergency Water Tank
Developing an emergency water tank on every ship – as soon as a ship is beached a water storage tank is created for unforeseen fire
Fire Extinguishers
Several Fire-extinguishers are available everywhere on the field as well as on the ship
waster storage
Hazardous Waste Storage Room – 10 Rooms
In-House Hospital
In-house Hospital developed for Regular Check-up and Emergency.
weigh bridge
Weigh Bridge – 100 tons
Resting room
Resting room for labor
oil discharge area
Oil Discharge Area – completely concreted space with proper drainage system
liquefied oxygen tank
Liquefied Oxygen Storage Tank – Risk free as it is kept far away from cutting area.
liquid off take
LOT (Liquid Off Take) System Installed – An Innovative initiative only one in Alang.