GGSY a JV with BM successfully completed dismantling Gandhidham’s Thermal Power Plant 125 MV x 2. According to the contract the Demolition work should have been completed in 3 years, while they were able to finish the work in 2 years. Started work in January, 2018 and completed the lifting of all types of debris by January 2020.

While Dismantling the Power Plant, they have created record by successfully demolishing the tallest Tower in India with 118 M height and 100 M Width. The tower was so high that it was equivalent to approx. 40 elephants standing on top of each other. The demolition was done using the Implosion technique. All work has been carried out following topmost Safety Regulations and Security.

They are proud that there was Zero LTI during the entire process of Demolition of 125 MV x 2 Thermal Power Plant.

Below there are several Articles and Videos related to the dismantling of the Thermal Plant.